6 Casino Gambling Tips to Earn More Money!

The following are some valuable casino gambling tips on the two games I have chosen to review. Blackjack and slot machine games. I will lay out six separate hints for each match so you can increase your winnings and have more fun, play smarter and wiser. I’m going to reveal some good techniques to help you remember that gambling is a business, not a game!

Blackjack casino gambling tips:

Blackjack Tip #1 – If you are a 9 or 10 card , and you have the option of doubling, on four or under don’t do it. This may seem like a good idea but the dealer (your adversary) has a good chance that he won’t go broke and actually hit a higher card count then you yourself might be able to get it!

Blackjack Tip #2 – If you have 19 or more, that’s the only time I suggest you buy insurance when the dealer has drawn an ace and asked the bettor to place an insurance bet. If you buy insurance for a lower amount, you will end up wasting paper money which is never a good idea.

Blackjack Tip #3 – This is a very controversial statement but I really recommend you hit 16. You can land smaller cards that can get you to 20 or 21. In my experience, it’s always worth hitting the 16s.

Casino slots gambling tips:

Win at slot #1 – Only hit casinos either offline or online that have proven high slot payouts so you don’t get your bankroll sucked dry.

Win at slot #2 – In land based casinos, the best way to win at slots is to play on various high traffic area slot machines. They usually have better payouts because people will be playing them a lot, so beat them up too!

Win in slot #3. Always play the maximum bet on the slot machine you play! When you play max coins you bet more and will win more money in the process so go for it and do it wisely.

When you know how to play at the casino properly using these 6 casino gambling tips, you will actually find your winnings will increase!