Advantages of Playing N2-Live Games at Online Casinos

Although relatively new in the Southeast Asian market, especially in Indonesia, with a good historical background, this provider is quite large when compared to providers that have already appeared on the market.

Actually, the N2-Live provider has been established since 2013 which was founded by EntwineTech which also collaborates with Cupsports to develop online-based judi casino games.

Added New Interesting and Unique Features

There are many interesting new features in the N2-Live Game, such as the multi-table feature, Lucky Road, Mission Bonus and Smart Bet. The most unique thing about this provider is the Web Hostess feature which is shown live, where you can play while interacting with a very beautiful Web Hostess. So you will never be bored while playing, because there will be beautiful women who are ready to accompany you to talk while waiting for the results of your bets.

Adding Preferred Options to the Betting Table

N2-Live has also added several betting options at the table such as Super 6, Pairs, Big, Dragon 7 and Panda 8. Making you more flexible in choosing what bets you should bet.

Very Simple In-Game Interface

The interface itself is very user friendly for the mobile application class. Uncomplicated and easy to use. In it you can find in-game features such as cash register, provide feedback, fast play to single-player mode.

Friendly Dealer With Beautiful Musical Background

As a fan of Live Casino games, of course, you can’t escape this city. How can you feel at home if the Dealer is not friendly, or doesn’t even smile at all. Aside from interfering with your own gameplay, you really don’t deserve a service that looks like a neglected player. And don’t worry, at N2-Live you will always see a Dealer who is always smiling, making you even more happy to play, and friendly of course.

No Commission Desk and Roadmap Available

And this is good news for fans of online casino gambling games. N2-Live offers to play without collecting table commissions from you. Because generally in a casino it always determines the amount of fees that must be paid to the manager in the form of a commission. In addition, Cupsport is also available to see where the flow of the game will lead. This is useful so you can apply the strategy what you should do next.