Binance Internet Solution Positive Alias ​​Blocked

Maybe some of your friends are having trouble opening the binance site, and the internet looks positive, which seems to have been blocked by the Indonesian provider on purpose. why it is blocked and how to solve the following I will review in the following article.

Reasons for Binance Internet Positive

Of course this is related to regulation, even though Binance is one of the crypto exchanges with the largest transaction volume in the world. (I am a loyal Binance user) but Binance is not officially registered in Indonesia as a crypto asset trader. listed is arguably its subsidiary, namely Tokocrypto .

However, I still really need binance as a place to trade with high volumes, as a place to see altcoin trends, and there are some binance features that are not available in the local market such as binance futures , loans and saving and many more.

Solution to Open Binance from Positive Internet, on the Web or Mobile

The solution is actually very easy, just by setting google chrome (web) or adding the Cloudflare application on the cellphone, this is a solution by changing DNS so that you can open blocked sites. I think this method is safer than using a free VPN, because an account like Binance of course will have a balance in it which we have to keep it safe.

For the complete tutorial, I have discussed it in a previous article. Check: binance bot Can’t open? this is the solution

Well, that’s the solution from Binance internet that is positive and can’t be opened because it’s blocked by the provider, I hope it’s useful.

good luck!