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The Impact of Playing Online Gambling, Number 4 That Makes It Scary

For some players, online gambling can bring them good luck. Because, they can win the game with various tricks because they are used to playing. For them, gambling agents have a positive side because they can add to the rupiah coffers. However, the negative impact, consciously or unconsciously, outweighs the positive impact.

Below we describe the negative effects of playing online gambling that you must know.

1. Causes Depression

When you make the money you have as betting material such as casino slot, soccer gambling, poker gambling,

especially in large quantities, then of course you will be hit by anxiety, worry, and fear, even to the point of feeling depressed.

You are worried that the money at stake will be lost due to the results of playing gambling that do not match your expectations. This can disrupt your focus and concentration on other activities. Because, your mind is always focused on the money you bet on online gambling.

2. Vulnerable Personal Data Stolen

When participating in online gambling games, you must be wary of data theft. Gambling sites are very risky in this regard. Because, in online gambling sites, you have to enter data in the form of an email and account number to transfer your money if you win. Your data is vulnerable to being stolen and misused by irresponsible people.

3. Tucked Porn Content

The fourth negative impact of playing gambling sites is the presence of pornographic content on gambling sites. This is intentionally done by service providers to attract users’ attention. As you know, pornographic content has many bad effects on a person’s behavior and psychology.

4. Causes of Suicide Cases

In the case of suicide, the highest percentage comes from people who lose in online gambling. Depression over gambling defeats, sad loss of property, makes gamblers prone to suicide. This is supported by poor mental health due to liking to play online gambling.

5. Malware and Virus Attacks

Gambling site service provider sites are vulnerable to malware and viruses. The reason is, these sites have high access so that they become easy targets for digital criminals to spread malware and viruses.